If you are unsure which carpet material should you pick for your home between wool and nylon, here are their respective benefits for you to consider:? 



Wool is one of the best carpeting that’s manufactured in the best yarn. It is produced from the sheep and lamb’s fleece and it is deemed to be the most natural product in the fiber industry. Check out its advantages once you use it:? 


No matter if you are walking, standing, or sitting on a wool carpet, it’s usually comfortable and soft on your feet. It can also produce positive impacts on the home’s indoor temperature. During winter seasons, wool tends to regulate the heat in any property. And in summer, wool carpeting prevents heat from exiting through the floors it conceals.?? 


Wool carpeting is crush-resistant. Meaning, regardless of what you place on it, whether a piece of massive furniture or high foot traffic, a wool carpeting retains back to its same form.? 

Good for the environment? 

Wool is non-allergenic and it stops the development of bacteria and mites. It’s definitely a natural product instead of a synthetic one. It is very eco-friendly since it can biodegrade in a short time than the other synthetic materials.?? 


Nylon is a synthetic material that is available in extensive types of colors and it’s extremely soft to touch. This material is one of the well-sought fiber used to manufacture carpets and rugs. It can stretch to an extent of 1/3 of its length while displaying a great maintained shape. Below is a list of the benefits you can get if you choose nylon carpeting in your property:? 


Though a nylon carpet is commonly the costliest carpets compared to other different synthetic materials in the market, it’s still relatively cheaper compared to wool carpeting. It is also a more high-end option if compared to wool.? 

If either nylon or wood suits what you’re searching for, nylon carpeting can be flexible in accommodating your allotted budget.?? 


Compared to other synthetic materials utilizes to manufacture carpets, nylon is definitely your best option if you want to have a carpet that is resistant to stain. This is possible since this fabric is preserved with a carpet protector.? Though nylon is not totally resistant to oil, unlike wool, it does a great job compared to some synthetic fibers available in the market.? 

Can be cleaned easily? 

Compared to wool, the entire synthetic fibers are so much easier to maintain and clean. This is also true with nylon. To maintain your new nylon carpet, you just have to regularly do these 3 fundamental steps: clean spills immediately, vacuum on a regular basis, and have it professionally?cleaned?every 1-2 years.? 

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