Other indicators of domestic abuse can be easily identified, such as physical marks. While some may be things that you can overlook or explain away easily. Domestic abuse can impact differently from one person to another. However, it affects everyone both psychologically and physically. Usually, it is a cumulative if associated domestic abuse sign that tips off someone that an individual is in danger.? 


Domestic abuse could be experienced by anyone no matter what their financial, educational, or social status is. While red flags are don’t always guarantee that somebody is getting mistreated this way, they should be known. A lot of people who are abused usually attempt to cover up what’s happening to them due to various reasons. And it’s obvious that these people need the help that they need to get away with it.? 

Emotional signs of domestic abuse 

It’s true that domestic abuse can take a toll on someone’s emotional health seriously, leading to a sense of despair, hopelessness, or helplessness. Domestic abuse can make people believe that they won’t ever escape the abuser’s control over them. Moreover, they may show continuous alertness levels to the point that they cannot totally relax. 

Some of the signs of emotional abuse are: 

  • Talking about taking their life 
  • Signs of depression 
  • Seeming fearful 
  • Low self-esteem 
  • Loss of interest in their everyday lives 
  • Extremely meek or apologetic 
  • Developing an alcohol or drug problem 
  • Changes in sleeping habits (having insufficient or too much sleep) 
  • Constant apprehension, anxiety, or agitation 

Of course, such symptoms could happen because of other factors or conditions that should also be considered. However, they are the common domestic abuse victims who seem as if they’re stuck in an abusive relationship.? 

Physical signs of domestic abuse 

When a person is being abused physically, they’ll more likely have frequent physical injuries or bruises consistent with being knocked down, choked, or punched. Most of the time, they’ll come up with an inconsistent or weak explanation for such injuries.? 

Other indicators of physical abuse include: 

  • Sprained wrists 
  • Purple or red marks on the neck 
  • Busted lips 
  • Bruises on the arms 
  • Black eyes 

Moreover, the affected person will be attempting to conceal the physical signs using their clothing. For instance, y9ou may see someone you care about wearing scarves or long sleeves even during summertime. Donning sunglasses indoors and wearing heavier makeup than usual can also be considered as typical indicators of potential domestic abuse.? 

Abuse happens once an individual in a relationship will try to control and dominate the other person. Commonly, the control starts with emotional or psychological abuse, which will eventually escalate to physical abuse. Once the domestic abuse involves physical violence, then it can be determined as domestic violence.? 

Domestic abuse is a difficult scenario to be in. If you or someone you know shows some or most of the red flags of potential domestic abuse, make sure to take action as soon as possible and hire a seasoned domestic violence attorney Los Angeles that can help you get out of that situation.?